Speaking Engagements, Workshops, and Events
by Jeff McCormack

I welcome the opportunity to share the results of my research with audiences and members of your organization.

Our first book, Bush Medicine of the Bahamas, was honored by the Mary W. Klinger Book Award for outstanding book of the year, awarded in 2012 by the Society for Economic Botany. There are three basic requirements for this award. The book must be: (1) innovativeand setnew boundarieswithin the field of study; (2), and/or creatively research or document the use of plants by taking an educational or synthetic approach by integrating different fields of study, especially botany and anthropology; (3), and/or make other outstanding contributions to the field of study.

Jeff McCormack at Virginia Festival of the Book

For many years, I have been a sustainable agriculture biologist, researcher in integrated pest management, and founder of two seed companies specializing in organic agriculture and preservation of biological diversity. I have also authored seven organic seed production manuals for the USDA, and have been interviewed on local radio stations as well as three different National Public Radio shows and podcasts. I am currently continuing my medicinal plant research in South Andros, Bahamas, and a book is in preparation. I have begun a new research project in Peru documenting traditional plant medicine. The book on Peruvian plant medicine is in the planning stages, and will be bilingual in English and Spanish, and will include Quechua plant names.

My presentations can be customized to meet audience sizes, topics of interest, and length of presentation. I have been a keynote or guest speaker at local and national locations, for example:

Event cost:  Event cost is tax-deductible (see below). I request an honorarium of $550.00 for a virtual workshop. This is a starting point for negotiation. I take into account the nature of the event and resources of the inviting host. At least 15% percent of the honorarium will be donated to the Bahamas National Trust ( https://bnt.bs/ ) or the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve in Eleuthera, Bahamas ( http://www.levypreserve.org/ ). If the host is a Bahamian organization that benefits the Bahamas, 80 to 100% of the honorarium will be donated: contact me for details.

Event cost (in-person events):  Not available at this time.

Event cost is tax deductible:  The honorarium is tax deductible is used to support on-going research. Payment is processed by Open Hands, a Virginia non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that receives donations and grants that support our research mission. To avoid a 3% PayPal processing fee on the Open Hands website, mail your check directly to: President, Open Hands, 523 Lexington Avenue, Charlottesville, VA 22902. In the memo section of the check write "McCormack Ethnobotanical Research". When you send a check there is no processing or overhead cost. In this manner, 100% of your donation is deposited to my research account.

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